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Travel Advisors Scramble as Coronavirus Rattles Clients

Even at the beginning of Covid, Arrive was a valuable resource. Read this article from February 2020.


How are risk management experts advising travel professionals, particularly those with groups heading to Asia, to make decisions on whether or not to cancel or reroute tours or incentive programs?

Alan Kleinfeld, director of Arrive Management Solutions, advises against overreaction.

“It’s important to keep things in perspective. Last year 37 million Americans got the flu and 36,000 died of it, so that’s a more dangerous situation that we’ve normalized,” he said. “Of course, what makes the coronavirus scary is that we don’t yet know how to fight it.”

In making travel decisions, Kleinfeld recommended consulting directly with entities such as the World Health Organization or Centers for Disease Control as well as partners in the destination, rather than relying on media or social media sources.

Read the entire Skift article here.

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