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Safety and Remote Working

You might have seen a “new” term in reference to COVID-19 (C19): Biosafety. The word might be a nice catch phrase, but including cleanliness as part of a safety plan isn’t new to Arrive. For a while now, we have discussed water management, housekeeping and F&B safety.

In a virtual environment, it’s even easier to overlook safety, usually because you are at home or some other familiar place where safety surrounds us. However, remote working has its own unique set of safety and security challenges.

Cyber strain. By this point, we have probably all been on a Zoom meeting that was highjacked by some idiot who knows too many four letter words and has no concept of the words, “shut up!” And although our companies and our computers are often up on the latest fixes to cyber hacks, it’s worth restating that you can’t keep your connection to remote work safe enough. C19 phishing scams are on the rise as is misinformation about C19 cures. Stay in touch with your IT guys and keep abreast of the latest rip-offs.

Eye strain. According to one scientific source, when we sit and talk to someone face to face, we blink about 15-20 times per minute. Which keeps our eyes nice and wet and prevents eyes strain. Research even suggests the split second blink might give our brains a split second rest. But when we’re looking at our screens our blinks reduce significantly, to about half of what’s healthy, allowing our eyes to dry, strain and become tired. To help, step away from the screen, move the screen a little further away from your eyes or even consider a screen filter. One rule: every 20 minutes, look at an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. But, really, just get away from your screens for a bit.

Brain strain. Speaking of screen time, it might be playing havoc with your brain as much as your eyes. These days, the one purpose of the Internet is to distract. If it’s not a pop-up banner ad or the sneaky way algorithms put that Nike show you were just Googling on your Facebook page, then it’s some other bell or whistle. Losing focus could mean we are losing productivity, time and money. The best solution? Take a breath and step away. Let your brain relax with a mindless chore, gardening or just walking to get the mail.

Home strain. I’m sure since C19 has happened, you are a little like me in that you spend more time than you ever did making sure you home is clean. Still, being in the same physical space, day in and day out, living in a stained tee shirt and PJs, just isn’t the way to keep your brain and body in the best of shape. So, when you take a break from the screen, take a break from the abode and go.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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