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How to Gauge the Safety of Your Meeting Venue

Remember before C19 and how easy our meetings seemed? This is a pre-COVID article on choosing a safe venue, published in The Meeting Mentor.

Safety is a big topic and covers a lot of different elements. The thought of it is often enough to make even the most experienced meeting planner want to change careers — how does snake charmer sound?

It involves cybersecurity, crisis communication, public relations scenarios and emergency response planning. It doesn’t help that we’re under a constant barrage of scary news on nearly every screen we set our eyes on, usually displaying nothing more than a few seconds of loud noise and scandalous photographs. It usually doesn’t give details but just the right amount of prattle to set our nerves on edge.

There is good news, however. Our brains don’t really know the difference between a real fear and a fake one, so although we think there’s a lot to worry about, it’s not as bad as the 24-hour news cycle makes it seem. You are far more likely to have someone at your conference suffer a medical issue, like a cardiac event,  or a minor accident, such as a trip and fall, than you are an active shooter. It’s all about preventing or mitigating the most probable concerns.

To read the article in its entirety, click here.

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