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A Quick Note About Omicron

My mantra for meeting planners for the last couple years has been wear masks, wash hands, and watch distance. And like so many of us, I have become laxed in following this advice. As a matter of fact, I can say I haaaate wearing masks. Not only have I spent too much money trying to find one that fits right (without success), but I have had more than my share of sore ears, mumbled miscommunications, and even nose irritation on the bridge of my honker. <throw up hands in frustration here>

While we don’t know much – yet—about the new omicron variant, my mantra is still effective. Wearing masks, washing our hands, and paying attention to our personal space is kind of a catch-all to help prevent the spread of illness in general be it the flu, a cold or C19. We’ll know a little more about omicron in the coming weeks. Until then, get back in the habit of protecting yourself and others. Especially if you’re going to be inside with large groups. Get the facts and stay Safe!

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