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A Good Communications Plan Is Crucial To Keep Attendees Informed

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak underscores the need for planners to have crisis management plans. But a plan that doesn’t include a way to formally reach attendees or, if needed, emergency personnel, is incomplete at best. At worst, a non-existent or incomplete crisis communication plan (CCP) can exacerbate a crisis.

Alan Kleinfeld, CMP, LEO, director at Arrive Conference Solutions, which specializes in meeting safety and emergency plans, agrees. “Even before the extent of a crisis like the coronavirus is known, a good CCP can begin to inform audiences,” Kleinfeld says. “A CCP can dissipate tension and help people prepare. Sometimes, saying something as simple as, ‘We know something is happening, we’re on top of it and will be in touch as info becomes available’ can be beneficial and relieve anxiety.”

See the published article from Corporate and Incentive Travel magazine here.

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